PO Box 159
San Antonio, Florida
Started in 1977, International Ship Management and Agency Services Incorporated provides management services for vessels in the shipping industry. In managing these vessels, ISMAS is responsible for all operations including crewing, vessel maintenance, along with the day to day operations.  We operate out of two offices; one in Hillsdale, New Jersey which handles the overall management of the company while our San Antonio, Florida office handles the day to day operation of the vessels. 
International Ship Management and Agency Services employs approximately thirty-five people to keep our vessel operations running smoothly.  Currently, we operate two ocean going tugs.  These two vessels move two sulfur barges that we also manage. Together, they make runs moving molten sulfur from refineries located along the Gulf of Mexico coast, predominantly East Texas and Misissippi, back to our home port of Tampa, Florida.
ISMAS managed vessels operate under stringent safety standards as defined by the International Safety Management (ISM) guidelines set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).  In order to maintain these certifications, an attitude of "safety" while operating in the most "efficient manner" are our top priorities.  Review our Safety and Environmental Policy.